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Any DAO that is not a “data access object” is dead to me.

Data access objects are also dead to me.

2 Tweets starting on Dec 28 2021

I am doing my first ever solo Lego set (unshared with children!). It has 4000 pieces, in 24 bags. Discovered that… https://t.co/PZTdAsIbqk

No one has guessed the set yet, but here’s a hint from bag 1: https://t.co/BdYI6iMklG

7 Tweets starting on Nov 03 2021

Would you like to work on a small team with me and other wonderful people building software enabling crowdfunding c… https://t.co/rwYhAvLN4X

The crowdfunding space is actually super fascinating right now. It got waaaaay bigger during the pandemic and it is… https://t.co/6JhhYYGmxR

One of the biggest areas in crowdfunding is board games, which surprised me! So many interesting ones. It's been re… https://t.co/JXJZkfkeHD

We have a diverse engineering team, a collaborative and transparent culture, and a diverse leadership team committed to equity

The whole company is ~50 people, growing sustainably, and privately held with very little outside investor influenc… https://t.co/0Tz4ZBdte6

No company is perfect of course - we have some growing pains as we adjust processes to fit more people. Perhaps you… https://t.co/uKN0qPACGe

I'm happy to chat about the good, the bad, and the ugly (meet our God Object: Project) with you either in this thre… https://t.co/c365PDUFSn

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As of this week, I am back to pair programming AND back to Ruby again. https://t.co/Fb9RKWqX1n

It’s been a long road back. But I am having fun again! I had sorta forgotten how fun this all could be. https://t.co/eIInDHpQCp

Also v tired. Talking all day is hard https://t.co/IBw4KoxhmJ

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THIS. My kids are both vaccinated, but if they weren’t, I would NOT be sending them back to in-person school at… https://t.co/LCJDx12Pfz

I think it’s criminal that @SFUnified is forcing young kids who can’t be vaccinated back to in-person school. They’… https://t.co/CVtalaUGed

This isn’t really my fight - my kids are older, vaccinated, safer. But I am feeling so bad for parents of younger k… https://t.co/qhgxfCu807

At the @SFUnified town hall last week, they said 1) few kids get it and 2) when they do, it’s mostly mild. Both a… https://t.co/4GxXHg0PLG

The school district shrugging and saying “eh, if kids get covid it’s fine” is irresponsible given the (lack of) dat… https://t.co/HPR9Uzot2a

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I am thrilled to be starting in August at @backerkit!! I’m going back to my roots - working with a small high-pow… https://t.co/E9BQiNm2bC

I know I should have posted this Monday for maximum Social Medianess™️, but I’m spending the next two weeks before… https://t.co/BBF8UIgjyw

Like seriously, I’m going to drive my car more in the next two weeks than I have in the past two years😅 See you on the other side :D

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Anyone know anything about @BATSimprov? I signed my kid up for a zoom improv class that started today, got said kid… https://t.co/f9f7iYqqZW

I mean, I actually used the phone and called them and LEFT MESSAGES. That’s how serious this is 😅

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TERFs are the worst. Morally repulsive AND factually wrong. The worst part is that they call their abuse of trans f… https://t.co/gBuplFG30T

Women are women! Trans women are part of that! As a uterus-haver, I am not bothered by penis-havers being women! So… https://t.co/DOuTYzz0KO

Let me address my fellow uterus-havers: Remember that one male teacher in high school who creeped you out? Or may… https://t.co/Z5CwXp37e1

Well, congrats, radfems. By creeping on people’s genitals, you have now assumed the mantle of creepiness! You have become That Guy.

Don’t be That Guy. Chill out with the genital policing. Get over your insecurity about whether you’re enough of a… https://t.co/PJKiqqRjTd

This rant brought to you by “lots of time on my hands” and “seeing terfs in my partner’s mentions.” https://t.co/BQkQXc5kTP

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Whenever I want to feel happy about being in my 40s, r/relationships is where I go. https://t.co/JKnRhAEkK8

This particular reply comes from a question “my boyfriend doesn’t allow me to read romance novels, what should I do… https://t.co/DWP9m1iGHq

“Relationships are hard work” yeah but that hard work is stuff like “listening,” not stuff like “giving up your hobbies”

I put up with so much questionable shit in my 20s and 30s. Sigh.