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Truth https://t.co/DtifiylCcI

Also in this category: social justice warrior/SJW. Both these phrases are great ways to signal that you don’t want… https://t.co/0KDuHIKICf

Yuuup https://t.co/bjtzCsTU1p

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#trollreviews Good use of all lowercase to emphasize your connection to the common man. Areas for growth: conten… https://t.co/GulKkuBWiA

#trollreviews Good use of a diminutive to lend yourself unearned superiority. Areas for growth: gif game ineffect… https://t.co/XebUAw7OC1

#trollreviews Good attempt to appeal to my own privilege. Areas for growth: Visual game is weak, hyperbole saps t… https://t.co/ONHRI6bPbi

#trollreviews Good use of gendered language to reinforce your perceived authority. Areas for growth: random kitch… https://t.co/PS5VOsiNRI

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I get all kinds of trash in my mentions, but this kind of well-disguised patriarchal trash is the most interesting.… https://t.co/BTmdweZltZ

In case he deletes it, for posterity: https://t.co/bZoALQWjN8

Really resisting the urge to correct his grammar because he seems like the type who REALLY CARES about that stuff a… https://t.co/VDvtEOu5hL

While we’re on the subject of trash in my mentions, I’ve found maaaaybe the best gif ever for expressing how I feel… https://t.co/Yg7GzHtvEM

Here’s another instance of patriarchal trash. He’s got opinions about what women should think excludes them, and wh… https://t.co/2jTqRg3yBh

This one is very “disappointed,” which he says as though that matters to anybody.

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The majority group has decided that some exclusion is regrettable, and is even fixable, but will be allowed to cont… https://t.co/EvGWt6AQtv

When a member of a marginalized group tells you that something you’re doing is exclusionary, here’s what you should… https://t.co/buQvezmqgG

Here’s what you should NOT do: 1. Argue it’s not exclusionary (not your call to make) 2. Argue the person is an is… https://t.co/uiHzXHkDO6

The domain driven design community so far has engaged in all three of the don’ts, in very large numbers. No sign of… https://t.co/EyM35irN8S

Thanks to the folks who have discussed without engaging in the don’ts. I see you ❤️

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Last night I posted about the term “domain driven design,” frequently abbreviated “DDD” - which is a common large b… https://t.co/1mfJ4k46Nu

Having a softcore porn reference in the software field is still problematic, whether or not the creator intended it… https://t.co/kSI2j7Al2S

But maybe I am the first one to point it out. Let’s assume so for now. I got a really interesting range of response… https://t.co/YmUBU2nchb

Other common responses: * Why are you so disrespectful (tone policing & irrelevant to harm caused) * Why is every… https://t.co/wRIOGQegyo

What’s most fascinating about the deleted thread for me (and don’t worry, I have screenshots later so you can see w… https://t.co/NCNb6OQbIt

I had no goal with the original tweet, other than to incredulously point out that a concept called “DDD” actually e… https://t.co/5bzxWiYOqT

The way I pointed it out was crude. I was a bit angry that it still existed. It’s exclusionary in the same way as t… https://t.co/rNZPdZmT4I

That was precisely the sticking point, I think - my assumption that everyone who uses exclusionary language is aware of it.

I guess I’m luckier than I thought to be around thoughtful folks who have dropped “master/slave” from their discuss… https://t.co/KegnWAJcMK

But the key point, which I said over & over last night & nobody seemed to get, is that people who use exclusionary… https://t.co/zV6r8i5JED

In my original tweet, I indicated that I thought the creator knew what DDD stood for, and left it anyway. That woul… https://t.co/VJbBEdoqJJ

It’s an interesting statement on where we are as a community. We’ve got a loooooooooong way to go. Ultimately I d… https://t.co/sHXYmLd4LP

To be clear, I did NOT delete the thread because I changed my mind. This is still problematic, and it’s still hard… https://t.co/4VS58SjmPS

The tone-policing I got was still irrelevant and out of line. People from marginalized groups who notice exclusion… https://t.co/BrxLQgXmF8

If we require all members of marginalized groups to be calm when discussing their oppression, we will never make real progress.

As members of majority groups, we have the responsibility to figure out what they’re trying to tell us with their a… https://t.co/k3EgyuK6op

I’m very disappointed. I really thought we were better at this. But oh well - it’s a new day! We can try again.

Here’s my original tweet, which I deleted in favor of this thread. https://t.co/EGWK0wOlyt

I’m still angry. Let’s be clear about that. The name is still exclusionary (and as majority group members, you don’… https://t.co/MlnpBB23fk

Things that are completely irrelevant here include: * whether you personally thought of it * whether it personally… https://t.co/YQHubMLnv9

When someone from a marginalized group tells you something is problematic, and is having a negative impact, you don… https://t.co/p0RB8ZUjuA

Y’all can fight this out amongst yourselves now. I’ve given you a valuable piece of information. The quality of th… https://t.co/Xiz7Cc9p5s

Also I’m amused at the number of “YOU ARE HURTING ME BY IMPLYING IT’S PORN” responses. Textbook gaslighting, fella… https://t.co/xmxGklZ0uV