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Happy Monday! I'm looking to hire a mid-to-senior level software developer onto my team at @SalesforceUX. Location… https://t.co/1Ehx8iUnI2

The job description says at the bottom that you must be a US citizen, but that is NOT the case. You do need to be e… https://t.co/Rn317FAvSE

We're trying to build our organizational muscle around distributed teams. All-onsite is still the default here - di… https://t.co/QDe19jh0Qa

Unlike most software engineering positions at Salesforce, this one does not require a computer science degree. We a… https://t.co/Dm2h7rMORu

I am looking for someone with quite a bit of software development experience, though. Right now I am half-manager,… https://t.co/GulwcpAH6t

This person also will be working directly with newer devs, so interest in pairing & technical mentoring is essentia… https://t.co/NHSaqOjPNE

The job is called a "UX Engineer" because organizationally we're in the UX group. That sorta makes it sound like mo… https://t.co/T8vUIRA297

So while I'm looking for experience, I'm not specifically looking for front-end software development experience, ev… https://t.co/QceOpp0TTX

To clarify - we do some front-end work, and if we hire someone with a lot of front-end experience, we could certain… https://t.co/rfZrfRje2T

One last thing - I don't think workday has an explicit area for a cover letter, but where you attach your resume, y… https://t.co/TGQvl33rt7

Because this isn't a "must have X years of Y tech + Z degree" job description, it would really help me to hear in a… https://t.co/VuTHjeLnAT

Thanks for your perseverance! I will definitely have some feedback for the recruiting team on this software.

OK ANOTHER WORKDAY UPDATE - you can only attach one file when it asks for a resume, but later when you get to the "… https://t.co/1LFFdLIgtR

For transparency’s sake: I can hire at any level for this role, so the salary band will depend on what level you co… https://t.co/bFtFZ06nFE

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People talking about the “cult of Apple” are super annoying. The phrase a) is needlessly hyperbolic & disrespectful… https://t.co/bWS4ws9EvW

There are real reasons to prefer windows or android or linux devices, too, but yet people who choose those aren’t a… https://t.co/7AujqL6UmK

anyway that’s it for today’s pet peeve, thanks for coming to my ted talk or whatever

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Y'all, I am hiring a software developer for my team at BigCo and it is A THING. I am remembering fondly when all I… https://t.co/erIBhZKWNw

In the meantime, if you're thinking about a change, hmu and let's have coffee! Virtual coffees ok. :)

Aaaand the job description is up! If you're interested in working with me at @saleforceux, check this out and come… https://t.co/7q7wjCG5SE

Hooray for bureaucracies that move faster than expected 😊

^^ and it's @SalesforceUX, btw. :)

We are moving towards a distributed team. Two of us are in SF right now, and this new person certainly could be as… https://t.co/4UMgkztHdK

Important note: at the bottom of the job description it says you "must be a U.S. citizen" for this role - NOPE. Thi… https://t.co/XKfM23LkXf

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Interesting question! Salesforce has a huge variety of front-end frameworks, and imposing a single one seems imprac… https://t.co/EqJpV4efGj

Even if it were possible, standardizing on a single front end framework would, for us, reduce efficiency rather tha… https://t.co/4r7BK2QWpm

The variety largely comes from acquisitions. Each company we buy comes in with their own stack, and it’s rarely in… https://t.co/xbzPdB1Qzs

As a developer I crave consistency, but I’ve come to realize that that impulse is _always_ counterproductive when w… https://t.co/V1AqvdlsEO

The reason the Lightning design system is just markup & CSS is because it needs to be consumed by many different JS… https://t.co/NHZ9xnhzjP

At a small company, it’s totally possible to build a little cathedral of consistency. But as your organization get… https://t.co/aNNEpkhEXj

And then one day, you realize that the bazaar is so big & so lively & so compelling that your cathedral has really… https://t.co/JftZBPRJ8E

It actually never comes for most organizations, but that’s another rant entirely 😅

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The conceptual division we make between “data” and “code” can be useful, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it’… https://t.co/9eQAJRAQra

“All models are wrong. Some models are useful.” - George Box

When your model leads you to blame your “data” for a bad outcome, deflecting blame from your code, then your model has lost its usefulness.

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Wow, the answers to this question are TERRIBLE. Newsflash!!! These days new software developers aren't all men in t… https://t.co/Pch113hec7

Here's my answer to "What is your best advice for a junior software developer?" https://t.co/5vyu2CcUzx https://t.co/n0A3hvlPxu

Given the content of the popular answers, I don't expect this to hit a nerve on that site, but maybe there's that o… https://t.co/GBpvJy2RdQ

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IMPORTANT: responding to hundreds of boring misogynists has finally led me to a conclusion ✨🔥Benedict Cumberbatch… https://t.co/gpvqmKSnxW










Anyway, my thanks to the boring ass gamergate/nazi/linux tools, for leading me to compile this trove of sweet vignettes of disappointment 💖