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Welp. I'm one week out from a new talk, and predictably I'm in the "this was a horrible idea, I have nothing to say" stage of talk prep😬

But I've been here before. I just need to keep pushing on this TERRIBLE slide deck with NO good ideas in it, and so… https://t.co/iU1IkCjQX4

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My favorite part of Captain Marvel was when she totally shut up that internet troll at the end 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

gifs are my glowy hands

This was not a spoiler. But fellow Women who Dare to Have Opinions on the Internet - believe you me, you’ll know the moment when you see it.

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#Codeland is one of the most supportive tech conferences in the world for speakers. It also features talks that a… https://t.co/xaR74nbrTt

Anyway it’s #internationalwomensday so if you have been thinking, “maybe I should start doing talks...” then make t… https://t.co/qXJfIlC3Ty

I’m happy to look at & give feedback on talk ideas (for this or any other conference). Once upon a time I wrote a b… https://t.co/EnedPFEdkL

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Happy #InternationalWomensDay! If you’re at work today, a great way to celebrate is to listen closely to the women… https://t.co/sUbsA83Fki

“I like that idea, David - & it’s super related to what Jen brought up earlier. Jen, do you want to work on proving… https://t.co/EUDQpXAJLx

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This was written about Amazon but could be about any tech company - parents with stay-at-home partners (mostly men)… https://t.co/6jJK0xlCMN

Companies that actually make it a policy to support parents - not just daycare up to school age, not just parental… https://t.co/H7Iji3tgwl

p.s. I don’t see ANY company doing this. It’s super clear that current policies are set by/oriented towards people… https://t.co/zh1HyoIYEn

1. Mildly sick kid dropoff service 2. Great work from home support for when it’s more than “mildly” sick 3. Bus to… https://t.co/cxc1tXs6MD

Daycare up to school age isn’t enough support. You think parenting just gets easy at that point? Protip: school gets out WAY before work.

When my kids are with me, due to them being at different schools in different parts of the city with different star… https://t.co/f2UKxBYiOl

Support on one side or the other would make a HUGE difference in my productivity. Bus to an on-campus afterschool w… https://t.co/YiVqPHCzsc

If I had a partner who could do all the pickups and dropoffs because they had a flexible schedule, imagine how much… https://t.co/FsunlVyQiq

You want women - who statistically do more of this work, and statistically are more often single parents - to succe… https://t.co/ItfMRfIFDf

I am getting sick of talking about this. Been doing it for years without discernible improvement. If you want mid… https://t.co/NyTNO8bKmt

This is another seldom-examined aspect of this problem: the women who don’t work because they get paid less than th… https://t.co/sA8cse1x0b

Pre-emptively: yes, OF COURSE the government should do it, but just like healthcare, they won’t really, so in the m… https://t.co/0lIjqsfbQr

Maybe they can take a little of that $12k/year/employee food budget and put it towards something that matters. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Antivaxxers kill people. They kill their own kids, AND they kill people who can’t be vaccinated. Their children sh… https://t.co/AW3DnjfQiz

If you’re an antivaxxer, go ahead & block me - I don’t want anything I say to be useful to you. Thanks in advance!

Refusing to vaccinate your kids is not a “philosophical choice.” It’s child abuse, and if your kid catches e.g. mea… https://t.co/lvsxBdOcaG

When your “philosophical choice” kills & maims other people, it’s no longer yours to make.

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I'm afraid I may have been abducted by aliens some time today because I am seriously thinking about writing a "blog" "post"

Of course this means it's time to sink hours into updating the rails app I wrote...to help me write blog posts😅

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Actually...I totally agree that this is where we're headed. In many ways, it's already routine for engineers to use… https://t.co/Rgt2QsaUBt

Using a 3rd party API? Triggering actions from Github checkins or from your CI jobs? If so, you're already using 'd… https://t.co/VS8bmqs8WB

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100% agree. As I’ve said before - many people think DRY (“don’t repeat yourself”) means syntax or structure, when i… https://t.co/xu1oI8FHTr

If you have to add a conditional in your reused code, you shouldn’t be reusing it https://t.co/dTNWErJf6K

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Conventional wisdom: “It’s a toy! Fine for internal tools, but you couldn’t possibly write real production code tha… https://t.co/vwxz5bokx7

Non-rhetorical question😊 It was briefly node, but not anymore, given the large amount of BigCo buyin of the node ecosystem. So what is it?

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Building a diverse team and enabling them to be successful inside an overall-less-diverse organization has a lot in… https://t.co/psSGYDb5KT

I'm doing ok! But I see this in some friends and colleagues, and it took me a while to figure out how similar it is to activist burnout.

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For the most part, I really value the conversations I have around my threads. Getting feedback is an integral part… https://t.co/6Q6c25NIgW

But there’s a particular variety of entitlement that sometimes crops up that I find reeeeally grating. I’m not ta… https://t.co/arnWlijqpp

The ones that really annoy me are the men who are clearly used to women being VERY INTERESTED in how they feel. Lik… https://t.co/1NtmI4R0IO

If there’s something you think is missing, you could just...say that. “Hey, have you thought about [tangentisl id… https://t.co/GqdQ9MlU8N

I am sometimes disappointed by a thread. This can happen, because other people are not me, & they think in different ways than I expect.

But I literally cannot imagine a situation in which it would seem relevant or appropriate to ACTUALLY TELL THE AUTH… https://t.co/57mr0GMKj5

Anyway thanks to those of you who contribute to the conversation in ways that don’t set my teeth on edge❤️

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This story is brilliant. Discussion with spoilers follow. https://t.co/z52aSxUZQc

Is it a story? A blog post? How much of it actually happened? If it’s a story, is it any less truthful, really, tha… https://t.co/iXoY2x7Rua

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A parent preventing their child from being vaccinated should be reported to Child Protective Services. It should tr… https://t.co/45E83uBkqu

Count on me for all your codebases, communication, and parenting hot take needs😇

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Or at least, it might not possible for you to achieve, with your current level of communication skill.

Either way - notice what’s limiting your ability to write good code. It is NOT: - knowledge of the latest framewor… https://t.co/JxUghQr1UZ

One important note here is that people who are _not_ in the demographic majority need much better communication ski… https://t.co/DYArZXFAHO

This is a large part of what discouraged me, early in my career - that I couldn’t be blunt like my male peers, beca… https://t.co/G8NV4rZ5kT

But here we are 20 years later, and it sure seems like my investment has paid off better than learning Java applet… https://t.co/vpXPiF0g2i