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The weekly Clubhouse Townhall (9am PST every Saturday) is a masterclass in product/network thinking, community inte… https://t.co/DbTC1zetEn

Sunday not Saturday! One day I’ll be able to edit 😂

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👇excited to be working with my friend of many years, @ptr, and @gnezelocin @wwayneee on their new company, Balsa. D… https://t.co/jfjcORZMq0

Mailing list here: https://t.co/rsW8ucXXnv

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Zoom setup after 6 months straight of hardcore videoconferencing #b2binfluencer 😂 https://t.co/80doB4ss6w

Important but hard to see: USB-C ethernet adapter so I can plug directly into the router. Very important for maxing… https://t.co/yM9l2bl91v

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TIL alameda has one of the bay area's most underrated beaches!

cc @StartupLJackson @pt 😎

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Before and after view from my living room... 😬 https://t.co/aqR53rzibL

Sutro Tower, I miss you.

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So many kids googling to figure out what an Oracle is

Wikipedia: "The company builds tools for database development and systems of middle-tier software, enterprise resou… https://t.co/wXkgEqvYoo

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Google trends for airstream and Winnebago. Yes, RVs are coming back! https://t.co/ZoCPuZ0tyA

Btw did you know there was plans for an RV Helicopter at one point? https://t.co/mOgfWX9Dvz https://t.co/aGNI9M0B2k

Layout of the inside. Want. https://t.co/cFfCwn6hBR

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Dear lazyweb, is there a map for how far I have to drive (and in which direction) to escape the apocalypse?

After reading through all the joke replies, here was the most useful one: https://t.co/kqA2DCMo1z tldr; you'd have… https://t.co/5n8Py3fqtk

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Hate how I tell Siri to “set timer for 5pm” and she corrects me by telling me I should set an alarm. You know what… https://t.co/JVc7UBmeA5

For android users- what does google do? I’ll switch over just on this issue

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Great example of what happens when a product team are all DAUs and thus constantly signed into their app - they nev… https://t.co/I6IIEi6xc0

If lapsed users can’t log back in easily, what happens next? They stay permanently churned. And yet very few teams… https://t.co/fuRwxkzOgE

Imho these scenarios are some of the best reasons to have a growth team. The parts of a product your team uses will… https://t.co/OCpi4pgZgM

How many failed login attempts and forgot password sessions does your product have? First reply that knows this data off hand gets a 👏🏼

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Dear lazyweb, What’s the best book on inbound marketing / SaaS sales and how it all works together? “Predictable Re… https://t.co/fsey9731V9

The most popular answer is Sales Acceleration Formula -- thanks all! https://t.co/6aptNf2FlE

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Congrats to @vnovakovski and the @lunchclubai team for their Series A! Excited to be working with @nik_quinn… https://t.co/ZSNJmAVTE3

I originally got involved with the company bc I'm a Linkedin power user, but think it could be so much better. It's… https://t.co/VtUgLqgNx5

When I met Vlad and Scott, it made me excited that you could rethink the whole space to emphasize the value in buil… https://t.co/vZCrxyb3pS

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👇🏼a nice summary of all the awesome tech we’ve created in the past few decades https://t.co/zAdZp6POFn

Also this one by @jasoncrawford https://t.co/IxZwyuaNMC

There is so, so much for us to invent and create - but the last few decades have been awesome. Let’s do more! 💪🏼

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Nice overview of Substack's most popular newsletters, including the amazing work of @sullydish @JonahDispatch… https://t.co/ixNxrfitAo

What other newsletters should I be reading? Substacks only please 😂

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There are earlier Tweets in this one.

The internet has found a way for Face ID to work with masks. Thank god. https://t.co/Sj0qkTbHLj thanks @MikeHammd https://t.co/eh3DkdkZ3U