2 Tweets starting on Jul 12 2020

How do I mute videos of cakes on my timeline?!

-sincerely, twitter grinch

2 Tweets starting on Jul 05 2020

👇🏼I read Wild Swans as a teenager - which covers the cultural revolution in China and a lot more - and it was incre… https://t.co/eoLlnXuap6

For your convenience! https://t.co/ddkxupGgtj

2 Tweets starting on Jun 24 2020

👇🏼Some amazing opportunities at @SubstackInc, one of our best new startups! https://t.co/eE2qHZXxBq

Some fun details: - a16z invested last year! @hamishmckenzie @cjgbest @jairajs89 are good people 😎 - 100k subscrib… https://t.co/ihEdYNFg1z

4 Tweets starting on Jun 23 2020

👇🏼pro tip: switch NYT payment to PayPal, then cancel from the PayPal side. https://t.co/sZyrjqUNSJ

Step-by-step here: https://t.co/lIhZnI6WXv

The official cancel page lives here -- but you have to talk to a human: https://t.co/Ulp2mwp1tp

Turns out it takes about 45min to get a human in chat, but you can leave it open in a window while you do other stuff

2 Tweets starting on Jun 19 2020

👇🏼love these stories of entrepreneurship built on @SubstackInc Congrats @polina_marinova on the new thing! https://t.co/t5TCwhBng8

(And her newsletter is a must read)

2 Tweets starting on Jun 13 2020

dear lazyweb, what are the most famous examples of "hitting a ceiling" within tech startups? Facebook in 2007 is on… https://t.co/6etprPIw17

Here's the full story on the Facebook growth plateau, which was famously solved by the formation of the growth team: https://t.co/tIdQt7oDyt

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Announcing a16z + @Whatifiapp! A new interactive video app we’ve backed https://t.co/c4JQuFduAi

There is so much happening in video right now - and that category has turned out to be much richer and deeper than… https://t.co/ooUrb3lVrc

Whatifi, led by @hardi_meybaum, is making a new form of entertainment that’s interactive, short-form, and social. T… https://t.co/eVOVx8WVjw

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👇🏼 @DeepakChopra in the house! https://t.co/7qqRyFpI8B

For those who want to join future sessions- here’s the invite page: https://t.co/8F8Y8SFu3P

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Nice mention of @SubstackInc in NYT: "In the news business, journalists are carving out new paths on Substack, a n… https://t.co/6G4hVtNO0R

It's been super impressive to see @cjgbest @hamishmckenzie @jairajs89 unlock a new form of work for writers, journa… https://t.co/L2pTwdvOtQ

Multiple friends started newsletters were immediately surprised by how much traction there is for their ideas. Just… https://t.co/o5ZPC0HHDn

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The simple act of writing a newsletter is a powerful thing. Am super happy for my friend @lennysan for his success… https://t.co/XVJmxLupha

Question for @lennysan — where do you think you’ll be in a year? OKRs on Twitter?? ;-)

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😎 https://t.co/RDUuM9PfxU

For those looking for an invite, here's the landing page! https://t.co/YYENFUnEta

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There are earlier Tweets in this one.

cc @callmevlad 😎. Said in the spirit of admiring what you're building in no code as well as what other founders ar… https://t.co/kebNScCKXK